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Strippers Protest Outside Church

A group of dancers have been protesting outside a church in Ohio because it wants their strip club closed down. The girls have been wearing their bikinis and some holding up banners and protesting about the church judging them in such a way.
They have been targeting the Sunday services at the New Beginnings Ministries Church in Ohio some sitting on deckchairs and other waving their banners with Christian messages on them. They are hoping that by doing this it will stop the congregation members from protesting about their club.
The pastor of the church refuses to budge on the issue stating that he feels strip clubs are the work of the devil and should be shut down. He feels that the two cannot exist within close proximity. The strip club, called the Fox Hole, is situated about nine miles away from the church.
The girls have been reported as saying that they believe in Jesus and also know that they have sinned, but also that everyone has sinned. They feel that they will be forgiven and also that the church does not preach gods word properly but preaches hate.
It seems that the congregation may not all share the views of the pastor though as they have been chatting and greeting the protesters outside the church without any problems. Although the members that have been protesting are obviously very much against the club remaining open.
The congregation of the church have been taking photographs outside of the club, noting number plates and asking men if their wives know where they are. The owner of the strip club has explained to the church that they will stop their protests if the church stops demonstrating against the club but at the moment it seems that this is not likely to happen.

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