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Review of “Knowing”

As many of you know, “Knowing”, starring Nicholas Cage, came out just recently. It is a movie that has sparked a lot of controversy, a lot of opinions, and a lot of hype. So, what is the real deal on this movie? Well, here is my two cents worth.
First of all, the movie was well done, to say the least. The acting was incredible, the storyline was engaging, and the special effects were very cool. Although, there were not many special effects in the beginning, the movie made up for it later on.

Knowing - The Movie
Knowing - The Movie

The movie is about this girl who, in the beginning, predicts the end of the world. Then, fate (or whoever controls it…), brings Cage’s son into the fold, and there-also, him. He is a scientist-teacher, who decodes the message left by the little girl 50 years earlier. This message predicts a lot of disasters, and eventually the end of the world.
The movie is intense, and will cause you to have to use your brain a lot just to follow it! The psychological tension that exists do the main characters’ situations and how they are dealing with them (or failing to do so) keeps you on the edge of your seat even when there is apparently nothing going on. You will find  yourself wrapped up in the story, and the climax will leave you reflective and thoughtful. “Is this movie really that deep, or is it just playing tricks on me?”  Is one of the things you will probably find yourself thinking when it is over.
Overall, this is a movie you need to watch. If you enjoy movies with twists and surprises, but also movies that challenge you to reflect, then this might just be your favorite!

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