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Madrid Has Rubbish Hotel!

A hotel has recently opened in Madrid, which is made completely of rubbish.
The hotel is being known as the Beach Garbage Hotel, but officially titles ‘save the beach’ and was built by a German artist, Ha Schult. It has five bedrooms and the walls are made from various sorts of rubbish including waste that has washed up on the beaches of Europe, rubbish from dumps as well as some flea market purchases. The outside of the hotel has plastic bags, cardboard, plastic bottles and other waste stuck to it. The inside is furnished with lamps, rugs and cushions which were either finds or purchased second hand.
The hotel has five bedrooms and was built as part of the International Tourism Fair that the city is hosting. It is centrally located in the Central Plaza de Callao. It is drawing a lot of attention already with many people wanting to be photographed outside and inside this colourful building.

The artist explained that he built it to demonstrate how much rubbish is generated by tourists. He went on to say that because the biggest garbage dumping ground is the sea, he wants to show that ocean pollution is becoming a really big issue.
He wanted to show that tourism is not always such a good thing and that it can cause problems. He wanted to show that the beaches of Europe could end up covered in waste if tourists are not more careful. The waste was picked up on beaches in the UK, Italy. Spain, Germany and France. He went on to say that Southern Italy had the worst beaches with regards to the amount of rubbish that was found on them.
The guest house is a temporary one, just to be there for the duration on the tourist fair and the artist hopes that it will really make a statement to those people visiting the city.

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