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Kelly Osbourne Takes Over as Madonna's Material Girl

It has been announced that Kelly Osbourne will be taking over as the representative for Madonna’s clothing line.

The clothing line, called Material Girl after one of Madonna’s early singles, belongs to Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. The clothing is 1980’s style fashion, based on the sorts of things that Madonna herself was wearing when she was given the ‘Material Girl’ title. The clothes tend to be a mix of leather and lace and are very similar to the sorts of things Madonna fans were wearing in the eighties. The range includes clothing, footwear, jewellery and handbags. The best thing about the range is that it is not too expensive. The original line cost form $12 to $40 and so teenagers could easily afford to get a piece of fashion designed by a pop icon and her famous and seemingly talented daughter.

The range is very intelligent as it has a good selection of items. If a mini skirt is not your thing then you could try the jeans. Or if you don’t like the motorcycle jacket with studs in a faux leather then why not try the bracelets. There are enough items to put together a whole look but with a good selection of individual items, it is easy to fit a piece in with your current wardrobe. A great idea for products for teenagers, who do not always have much money to spend on fashion and who always want the latest things.

The fashion line raised controversy when it was first launched due to another fashion line, L.A Triumph claiming that they had been using the Material Girl brand since 1997 and that by taking the same name they were causing confusion and should not be able to trade.

The fashion line, which is sold in Macy’s, was launched by Taylor Momsen, the 17 year old singer from The Pretty Reckless. Unfortunately she has received some bad press lately and was dropped by the fashion line. Rumours said that she was dropped due to bad behaviour and she later revealed in a ‘Revolver’ magazine that she had a bad attitude because of the way her parents brought her up. She did apologise for this later but Material Girl had already started looking for a replacement.

Kelly Osbourne is an interesting choice for the replacement. She is certainly well known for her fashion and after hosting ‘Fashion Police’ it would seem that she has a good knowledge too. This should have earned her some respect from those in the know about fashion and so having her as a representative could be a good move. However, she is rather older than Taylor Momsen. However, her somewhat unpredictable behaviour as a teenager, is not that dissimilar to Madonna’s and with her pale skin and blonde hair she not look that unlike her either.

It will be as interesting to see how she adapts to the role and what sort of reception she gets as it will be to see what the new line is like.

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