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How to Motorize a Mountain Bike

Everybody knows that mountain biking is not an easy sport. It requires a lot of stamina, and a lot of lower body strength. Once you build up that strength and stamina, mountain biking gives you a great workout and the great feeling that comes with pushing your own limits. It’s a great workout, but sometimes it can be a little too taxing, making you wish you had a motor to help you out.
Well, guess what: You can do this. You can put a motor onto your mountain bike. If you were to install a motor to transform your bike into a motorized bike, you could make mountain biking easier on yourself, at least while you’re building up your leg strength and stamina.
Installing a motor on a mountain bike is not that difficult. With some basic skills you can install it yourself. Here’s how to proceed.
First, you should know that adding a motor won’t cause the bike to do all the hard work for you. You’ll be able to cover longer distances easier, but you may not be able to add that much distance at first.
You’ll need a 25 to 49 cc motor and a mounting kit. It will cost $500 to $800. Try to buy from well known brands like Honda or Mitsubishi that have a good reputation.
It isn’t that hard to install a motor onto your bike. It should take about an hour if you follow the directions carefully. The manual that comes with the motor will take you step by step through the process of installing the motor. When you’re done, you’ll have your own motorized bike!
Because you’re adding a small motor, you will still be getting a pretty good workout, but having the motor will help you cover longer distances than you might otherwise, and it will also help you get up hills easier. If you have basic mechanical and direction-reading skills, maybe you should go ahead and try it.
There are any number of places you can purchase a 25 to 49cc motor. Local bike shops might have what you need. You should search multiple sources so that you can get the best bargain on your motor. You can also obtain them over the Internet. Websites like eBay offer nearly every item imaginable, sometimes at great prices, so you may get a great deal on a great motor.

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