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How to Make Moonshine

How to make moonshine 1The darkness is my refuge. Nocturnal people usually are active at night. At a time where others would be asleep and having rapid eye movements, these people would be doing their stuff, literally and figuratively turning day into night. What are the perks of being a night owl? For starters, because most people would be in slumber, you are free to roam and do whatever you want.
The blackness of night actually works to your advantage because you are somewhat hidden from others, specifically from those whom you do not want to show yourself to. The term moonshine actually hailed from that premise. It often connotes doing something which is unlawful or illegal, and that is the reason why it is basically done at night.

History Repeats Itself

How to make moonshine 2Historically speaking, moonlighting refers to our forefathers who would brew and distillate spirits at night so as to avoid conspicuous eyes as well as avoid high taxes. Now, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and brewery stations named moonlighting. The trademark stuck even after so many years.
The difference between that of the spirits or beers that we see for commercial consumption from that of moonlighting is its intensity. Those for commercial consumption have aged from oak barrels for years, the longer the better as they say. If you try to compare the two varieties of spirits, you will see that the one made from moonlighting is crystal clear as water in contradiction with that of spirits sold in the market, which has a yellow or golden color because of aging, which disintegrates the strength a bit.
The difference therefore lies in its strength. The alcohol content or proof is much higher in moonlighted spirits as compared to its commercial counterpart. The kick is definitely harder than you thought it would be.

Art of Moonlighting

How to make moonshine 3The old cliché goes, women are like wine, tastes better with time. This holds true when it comes to clarity and texture of taste in liquors. But if you want the unadulterated and pure rock solid taste, you must go and check out moonlighting creations. That is where DIY or do-it-yourself spirits are labeled.
Basically, one just needs malt, fruits, corn meal, yeast, sugar, and water to make your own spirit. You can customize by adding other ingredients to create spunk in your drink. First, you ground the corn or your choice of fruits, then you soak it in boiling water, some would add malt, then you can mix the yeast while stirring the concentration thoroughly.
When you see vapors rise, usually they use thump keg which bolts up with pressure, the steam would readily flow into a pipe with cold water which helps convert gas to liquid state, then it leads to one last filter where crystal clear liquid then flows from a spout, ready for bottling and distribution. Definitely not rocket science but many people believe that moonlighting is an art. Every passion has its extremes.
Every piece of art is a revelation. This is one of it.

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