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Hamper for Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was allegedly reduced to tears when her two adopted teenage children sent a hamper of gifts to her and her new baby,  by way of congratulations, when her little girl was born recently.
Nicole Kidman has two adopted children, Isabella who is 18 and Connor who is 16, that have been living with their adopted father, Tom Cruise, since him and Nicole divorced in 2001. She is now married to Keith Urban and their second baby, Faith Margaret, was born on the 28th December 2010.
The Australian born actress met her Australian husband in Hollywood, when they were both attending an event honouring Australians. He is a country music singer, guitarist and song writer and moved to USA in 1992. He has worked with various groups but has also found fame as a solo artist. He has had ten number one singles and is still recording and will be touring this year. It was apparently six months after they first met, when they began dating and they were married about a year later in a ceremony in Australia.

Nicole Kidman has had an interesting career. She started off having many television roles in Australia s well as some film parts. It was when she appeared with Tom Cruise in ‘Days of Thunder’ that she began to get recognition and then her role in ‘Batman Forever’ was her breakthrough. Ever since she has starred in many films and even since having her children has continued to work, although she pulled out of one film while she was pregnant. She also works very hard for charity raising money and awareness for various causes including breast cancer, which her mother suffered from when she was young  and violence against women and families.
It is reported that her teenage children sent her a hamper by way of congratulations and as a gesture of acceptance towards their new step-sister. Nicole was said to be really happy at what they had done, so much so that she had cried. She was obviously extremely happy at the birth of her daughter anyway but to have this lovely gift from her two older children, was something which she had not expected and that made her even happier.
Nicole and Keith have a two year old daughter called Sunday Rose as well, who Nicole gave birth to on 7th July 2008. Their first daughter, has the middle name Rose, after Nicole’s late grandmother.  Their recent baby was born using a surrogate mother although is biologically theirs. Her husband has announced that he does not want their daughter being used for any promotion or PR.
It was said that the beautiful gift basket contained some of the favourite cupcakes of Nicole’s with a mobile from Pottery Barn for the baby. It also contained some gift vouchers for a clothes shop called ‘American Girl Place’ and a toy shop. The items were written out to Sunday. She said that it was an extremely thoughtful gift and she was delighted with it.

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