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Clinton discusses shopping with Ashton

Hilary Clinton has recently held talks with the new EU foreign policy chief baroness Ashton. She was reported as saying that it was great to have an opportunity to talk about shopping and their children outside of the more important issues that they needed to discuss.
Hillary ClintonClinton stated that their meeting, held secure the bonds between the US and the EU. It was reported that one of her predecessors had no idea who to talk to about EU issues and so she now has resolved this problem. It was felt that the US was not sure on the issues of the EU because different countries were reporting different things to her. She has explained that she now knows who to report to in order to get the facts, as well as, it seems, some shopping tips!
Hilary Clinton and Lady Ashton were interviewed by the BBC for ‘The Record Europe’ where Clinton announced that it was good to have someone to talk to about shopping and children. However, many more important issues were discussed such as defense cuts in Europe, which she is very much against. Mrs Clinton, recently was present at a NATO summit in Brussels where, on behalf of the US, she was getting support for NATO to invest in a missile defense shield, despite the cuts that are being made from their budget.
The UK’s Lady Ashton was a surprise candidate for the role of chief of EU foreign policy as she has little previous experience of foreign policy matters. The post was brought about to ensure that the opinions of Europe came form one voice. She now has the power to change EU foreign policy and is starting by running a new diplomatic service called the European External Action Service which will have its own budget.

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