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Britney Accused of Cheating!

Britney Spears has been recently promoting her new video which will accompany the release of a single ‘Hold it Against Me’ from her forthcoming album ‘Femme Fetale’. The album is being promoted a lot at the moment and it is eagerly awaited. However, there has been talk that it is not her starring in all of the video.
There have been claims made that it was a body double that did much of the dancing on the video. The reports said that she found some of the choreography too difficult and was not able to perform it well enough, meaning that a dancer had to be brought in to do the parts that she could not manage. However, the claims have been denied by those involved.

Britney’s spokesperson said that Britney had worked very hard to perfect all of the moved required of her and took six weeks to rehearse it. They also said that once viewed, it would be obvious from the video that it was her performing throughout. The director of the video, Jonas Ackerlund also defended her, despite rumours that they had not got on. He said that she had been really good and even gave him a hug after filming. He said it was the warmest hug he had got from an artist and he hopes to work with her again soon. He also said he could tell that she had put everything in to her performance and that he is a good judge of this sort of thing, having worked in the industry so long.
A still from Britney’s new video was released earlier in the week and ever since the press have been excited by the prospect of her new video. There has even been a version of the single leaked on line but it is such an early demo that it is not even her singing it. This comeback has been long awaited and her Twitter page has some details about it. The fact that her spokesman has sai you need to watch it to see that it is really her, will make even more people want to see it as soon as it is released.
Britney always seems to be in the news with her personal life taking her through a difficult marriage, spells in rehab and hospitals and eventually her children being taken from her. Sadly her child star beginnings seem to have led to problems for her as she grows up, but hopefully this career comeback will be good. Her career has been a success with many number one hits, great record sales and some successful television appearances as well as various merchandise sales. Her previous album debuted at number one, as had four of her others and she became the youngest female artist in the US to have five albums debut at number one. Despite her rocky private life, she has still managed to produce work which has been extremely popular and it will certainly be surprising if this new album does not make it to the number one spot.

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