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Best music movies of all time

If you love music, and if you love movies, than you probably love to watch movies that contain music. The only problem is, there are a lot of movies that do this in a terrible, terrible way. Often they make no sense, they are so fake that you can obviously tell that the music is not being made by the actors, and they are cheesy, to boot. Well, here are three that defy this rule – these music movies truly do sing in a real, lifelike way.

That Thing You Do.

This movie, starred in by Tom Hanks, is the story of a band who challenges the Beatles back in the early sixties. But what makes this movie so lifelike is the fact that the band actually knows what they are doing, because they all had to take eight weeks of lessons before they filmed the movie. As a result, the movie is as believable as it is delightful.
This is a movie that you actually may not have seen for it’s relative obscurity. But I have to say that this may be one of the best music movies ever made. It was filmed like a documentary, but is actually a real movie. It depicts the path of a broken hearted street music, and how he crosses ways with the girl of his dreams. The two begin playing music together, and the magic happens from there.

Music and Lyrics.

This classy, fun flick starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore is the story of a washed up English pop artist who gets a big break to enter stardom once again, but he needs a hit song to do it. Unfortunately, writing has been his weak point ever since his band broke up back in the day, leaving him desperate to find a writing partner that he can jive with. But when he finds out that his new housemaid (Barrymore) writes lyrics, he might just get the chance at stardom – and love, that he has been longing for.

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