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Best Movies with Keanu Reaves

A lot of people are big fans of Keanu Reaves, but why? Well, probably because of all the movies he has been in. But, a lot of actors have been in a lot of movies, right? What makes his movies any different? Well, to be quite honest, Keanu Reaves has been at the right place at the right time. He has always been making movies that are at the forefront of the technology, the industry, and filmmaking in general. So, here are some of his best movies for you to reflect on. If you have not seen these, then  you absolutely must if you love Keanu Reaves’ work at all!
The Matrix

Ah, yes, the science fiction epic that changed movies forever. Bullet dodging, men punching through brick walls, epic gunfights, slow-motion unlike anything the world has ever seen before, and a story that you can barely wrap your mind around are all reasons why the Matrix was such an insanely awesome movie. And the special effects were so good, that it is still way ahead of it’s time. Definitely one of Reaves’ defining moments.

This is an older film that Keanu did with Sandra Bullock that was very, very awesome. Basically, a bomb is planted aboard a bus. If the bus slows below 55 miles per hour, it detonates. As you can probably foresee, madness ensues. And who has to save the day? I’ll give you one guess.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
In this remake of a classic old science fiction film, Keanu Reaves plays an alien who is here to discuss certain issues with mankind dealing with it’s impending extermination. But a series of events change his character’s mind about mankind, and he begins to believe that perhaps mankind is, after all, ready to make a change.
The Day the Earth Stood Still

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