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5 Sexy Cooking Show Hosts – Oh Yeah!

When you think about hot girls, chances are good that you’re thinking that they’re going to be in something like Playboy, Maxim, or FHM. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. You might even think about them connected with something awesome, like poker.
Who ever thought that there would be women that really like cooking, and are actually hot? There are quite a few cooking cuties out there, and television has never been the same since.
Don’t believe us? Check out this crazy list of 5 “cooking cuties” that we’re loving right now.
1. Rachael Ray

A lot of people don’t like Rachael Ray, and we know that the anti-Rays might be in full force after this one. However, we think that she’s radiant. A lot of the criticism stems from the fact that Rachael Ray is rarely grouchy on air and she has a bit of a rough, husky voice. However, those are qualities that we find appealing. Food is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so why not make it so that the star of the show is a happy person by default. Rachael Ray strikes us as a woman that really is that happy all the time, and she lights up the room with her presence. Definitely someone that we would love to have dinner with and even go out for a few drinks.
She’s an author, a TV show host, an incredible spokeswoman, and has even posed for FHM. Yummy.
2. Giada de Laurentiis

When it comes to Giada de Laurentiis, there’s one thing that you need to know — she’s hot. And she can actually cook her cute oversized head off! She’s worked at Spago, a Wolfgang Puck-run restaurant creation. Anyone tapped by Wolfgang himself to run things in his restaurant is definitely a cook that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The good looks run in the family — her mother was an actress, and she really is Italian, like from Italy — even though a lot of people say her voice is grating, we think Giada’s soft Italian accent on things is rather nice.
Giada currently runs five shows for Food Network and is supposed to be working on some cookbooks right now.
3. Nigella Lawson

Now, some would say that Nigella Lawson really isn’t that hot, but the truth is that it’s nice to see a more full figured woman taking the spotlight. It looks good to see a woman with some meat on her bones, and it helps that she’s got such a sexy British accent.
4. Bethenny Frankel

You will most likely remember this woman more from her time on Real Housewives of New York City than anything actually cooking related. However, she has proven to be an amazing baker and runs an amazing bake shop in NYC that caters to alternative food — vegan and wheat-free baked goods. And would you take a look at that stunning face?
5. Sunny Anderson

No, we didn’t just throw in a hot cook of color — she’s really an awesome cook and very beautiful. Sunny Anderson is very relatable, and even though she’s on Food Network (which some people feel like the Wal-Mart of cooking channels), the truth is that a lot more people are cooking at home than running to the fast food joints, and we definitely think that’s a good thing.
Sure, we could have come up with other women — there are plenty of celebrity chefs to choose from. However, we felt that these five were some of the hottest and most engaging on television. Who’s in your 5 — we would love to know!

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