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4 Terrible Logos For a Stack of Business Cards

Business cards definitely still get the job done — don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. However, instead of assuming that there’s no way to make business cards work for you, you need to study the best — and the worst — designs out there.
Why do we even bother focusing on the worst business cards when we should think about the best ones? That’s simple — because the worst ones show us at a glance why they’re bad business cards, and we even get something to laugh about in the process.
If you’re thinking about a new set of business cards, learn from these terrible logos and business card templates.
1. Punched In the Gut?

This is a very odd logo from several points. You see, you have the font. That’s a really hard font to really tie into a logo. It’s not special and very plain. When you design your own business cards, you really want them to have meaning no matter who is looking at them.
Then you have the fact that the last “person” looks like they’re getting either punched or kicked in the gut. Not pleasant — what does that say about the Bureau of Health Promotions, really?
2. But…But…Butt?

This unfortunate logo looks like …well, you know, a butt. And then add to it the fact there’s like an orange pillar…it becomes quite the uncomfortable image that no one really wants to confront if they can help it.
Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes, you probably are. And you’re laughing about it. There’s no need to worry — we’re laughing too.
3. We Got Clowns, Y’all!

This is a logo that really needs to be changed. Instead of looking cute, it ends up looking creepy. What you really have is a clown on a bicycle holding a wrench. It’s not something that we would find comforting to think about when we’re going into a bike store. Especially when you add in the fact that clowns generally play tricks on people as part of their act — is that what you really want to tell your customers? Of course not!
4. Trashy Roots?

Trashy Roots Salon & Spa might be a trendy, edgy way to get attention, but it doesn’t sound like good attention. It sounds like the type of attention that makes people want to roll their eyes and go the other direction — not a bad idea, really.
Focus on a meaningful brand — your future customers will thank you!
That covers the top 4 business logos that don’t lead to good business cards. Study these examples well and avoid them as much as possible!

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