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4 Cool Bedrooms of the Stars

A bedroom is more than a place to just lay your head down. For some, bedrooms can be a complete sanctuary. You want to get away from the world and you want to be able to just think about only your comfort. While some argue that celebrities have nothing to complain about, it can be tough to live your life under a magnifying glass all of the time. When it gets stressful and tough, that’s when the tough get going. If you’re really ready to see some luxury, you have to look at this list of celebrity bedrooms.
Again, celebrities can go both ways, and the way we seem them is simple: they’re crazy, funny, and they’re still bringin’ the cool factor. So while it might be cool for you and your friends to hang out in your room playing Xbox Live games, these celebs are really bringing the bedroom style to the next level. You can copy some elements of style too — who doesn’t want to be more hip than they actually are? It’s completely up to you though.
For now, check this list out:
1. Cher’s Regal Bedroom

Cher is coming back into popularity — no, not for her use of auto-tune in “Believe”, but that’s definitely something noteworthy. It’s because she stars opposite Christina Aguilera in Burlesque. It’s a great movie that’s already attracting its share of fans.
While Cher’s bedroom doesn’t look like anything burlesque is going on…hey, you never know. All of that plastic surgery adds up to a woman that can still demand somebody’s attention. We’re just not sure whose attention it’s supposed to be.
OK, we’re supposed to be talking about bedrooms. There’s something nice about the white trim on this bedroom — it makes us think of some old royal bedroom tucked in the countryside. The headboard that gets all the attention is filled with a rich historical culture — it’s 18th century. Only in Hollywood…
2. Gerard Butler – This. Is. BEDROOM!

300 jokes aside, we have to say that Gerard Butler’s bedroom is rather nice. IS! RATHER! NICE! Sorry. We’ll stop now.
The bedroom is pretty, and includes big sweeping drapes. It’s not something that you would want to just copy verbatim — the curtains can get in the way, and that means that you really need to have killer space in order to pull it off well. The mixing and matching of prints and fabrics is really what makes this room nice to curl up in — even if you don’t have a sexy actor like Gerard Butler to curl up with.
3. Bruce Willis — Windows Wide Open

Why Die Hard when you have a view like this? This is Bruce Willis’s bedroom. There are a lot of windows here, which lets the view in and gives plenty of natural light during the day. This is perfect for reading or entertaining. Hey, it’s Bruce Willis — we’re just keeping it real here.
4. Betsey Johnson — Vivid, Vibrant, Victorious?

There’s a lot of color here in this bedroom. Of course, it’s in the Mexican Riviera, which explains a lot of things. Latin cultures are well known for their use of color, and Ms. Johnson’s bedroom fits right into that culture well. What we really love is the floor — that checkerboard pattern is too wonderful to miss. Not everyone is going to be able to go as bold as Betsey does, but they can still incorporate some fun into their bedroom s– we meant decorating, people! Get your minds out of the gutter!
Well, if nothing else, these bedrooms probably make you want to really do some decorating of your own. If you really focus on incorporate a few elements here and there, there’s no reason why you can’t have a bedroom just like the stars do!

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