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3 music videos you must see

So, if you like music videos, than you are in for a real treat! The good news is that 2009 is already rocking with some great new videos worth mentioning. So, here is a breakdown of some of the more popular clips that you might want to checkout!
Britney Spears – ”If U Seek Amy”
This is a video that holds two truths. First, you will not understand the lyrics, unless maybe you do some serious digging. Second, it is classic Britney, so if you like her, than you will undoubtedly like this one. Britney, of course, plays several roles in the video, poses in some sexy poses, and dons some exciting wardrobe anomalies, so make sure to check it out.

Eminem – “We made You”
In classic Eminem fashion, this video pretty much disses everyone on some level or another. But as brash and contemptuous as Eminem seems, you cannot deny that the song is well worked. And although the video is comical in nature, it is well done. Of course there are some goofy moments, but come on… it’s Eminem.

Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake – “Love Sex Magic”
This video takes you through a dreamlike weave of bright lights and scenes from some kind of romantic story. And of course, there are small scenes woven throughout that feature Ciara dancing in a black and white outfit. While this video doesn’t really do anything new, it is still fun because it is kind of catchy and never-before seen. And what it lacks for a storyline, it makes up for with a killer beat!

So make sure to check all of these videos out, as you will not want to miss them! 2009 is rocking so far, so lets hope that Nashville keeps it coming, right?

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