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Top job interview bloopers

A survey, carried out by a career website, were over 3000 managers and human resources professionals participated in revealed what you as a job seeker need to avoid to land the job.
Fifty-one per cent of managers said “dressing inappropriately” for an interview was the biggest mistake a jobseeker could make. It gives them impression that you as the candidate didn´t bothered to research the company, industry or the culture.
Forty-nine per cent of managers said that complaining about a former employer is one of the biggest mistakes you as the candidate can make.
Forty-eight per cent of managers said that if you seem disinterested you won´t get the job. Job seekers appear disinterested when they haven’t researched the company and don’t have any questions.
You should avoid asking about salary on the first interview and focus on selling the product, which is you.
Another thing interviewers hate is answering a mobile phone during an interview. Remember to turn off your phone before entering the room.
It´s great if you are friendly but you should avoid to be “too friendly” since interviewers may try to draw candidates into a “false sense of security” to see if they stay professional.
Don´t use slang. It´s unprofessional and annoys older managers.
Don´t tell to many details when asked “tell us about yourself”. Instead, have a personal statement of two to three minutes prepared which highlights your key strengths and how they are relevant.
Arrogance won´t land you the job according to the survey. Even if you have been successful all your life, you still need to taken the initiative to learn about or show interest in the company. Showing you are confident but asking about the company and how you can contribute will avoid coming across as arrogant.

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