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Parachute Jump Over Mount Everest

Would you dare to try to parachute jump over Mount Everest?
Wendy Smith of New Zealand, Holly Budge of Britain and Neil Jones (Canadian/British)  are the first people to parachute jump over Mount Everest. They jumped from an aircraft flying 465 feet (142 metres) higher than the Everest summit, which is 8,848 metres (29,029 ft).
Krishna Aryal, an official of the Explore Himalaya (the agency that provided the logistics) described them as “tiny birds flying in the blue sky” as they jumped from the plane.
All three used parachutes that were larger than normal size to help them cruise and descend fast through the thin air of the world’s highest drop zone and they wore oxygen masks.
“It was stunning. I had never seen so many mountains before,” Smith said. “To be on top of the world was simply stunning. Thank you.”

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