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Top 15 Hottest Actresses in Popular TV Shows

We all know that, from time to time, beautiful women grace the TV screen in our favorite shows. These 15 actresses of popular TV shows, however, take the cake for being the hottest.  We all know that the presence of a beautiful woman can make a good TV show great, which is maybe one reason why all of these shows were extremely popular. So enjoy this top 15 list as we pay homage to some of Tv’s most exceptional young hotties.

15. Dianna Agron, from “Glee”

Dianna Agron in tv show Glee

If you are a guy and in love with Glee, then I am fairly confident to assume that you love it because of Dianna Agron. She plays the role of teenage hottie Quinn in the very musical show, and she does it very well. Despite the sometimes strange psychological issues her character seems to deal with on the show, you cannot deny that this blond beauty has it going on in more ways than one. In the show, she is the cheerleading captain for the “Cheerios”, and pulls off the role quite well.

14. Jennifer Taylor, from “Two and a half Men”

Jennifer Taylor from Two and a half men

This has become one of the most popular shows on television, and is the story of two brothers who moved in together following the younger brother’s divorce. However, despite the comedic quickness and entertaining value of the show itself, there have been several beautiful actresses to grace it with their presence – most notably that of Jennifer Taylor. Jennifer Taylor plays Charlie’s girlfriend, and has been a huge part of the show since season 6. She plays a woman who has changed Charlie for the better, but she is also quick and witty, which is what gives depth to her already super-hot demeanor.

13. A.J. Cook, from “Criminal Minds”

A.J. Cook from tv show - Criminal Minds

Despite the somewhat dark nature of this Tv show, A.J. Cook comes onto the scene as a splash of color, bringing life to the show that so many have called their favorite. A.J. Cook plays a special agent who’s job, basically, is to keep her team going and to be the in-between for the press. However, she is apparently also tasked with bringing male viewers to the shows statistics – a task that she has performed very well! She is intelligent, beautiful, and real – which is perhaps why she is such a TV hottie.

12. AnnaLynne McCord, from “90210”

AnnaLynne McCord from tv show 90210

AnnaLynne McCord is a woman of exceptional quality. Her obvious good looks are what first made her a hit of the show 90210, though she also has the wit to back it up – as she has shown several times through the shows history. She does drama well, but she always manages to look amazing through it – and hey, isn’t that what is important? She has been in just about everyone’s top 100 hottie list, though personally, I think she deserves better than the top 100.

11. Yvonne Strahovski, from “Chuck”

Yvonne Strahovski from the tv show - Chuck

This young, blonde haired hottie has made quite a buzz in the popular show “Chuck”. In fact, there are a lot of people who think that she was at least partly responsible for making the show as good as it was. A lot of people believe that Yvonne Strahovski is a much better actor than she is given credit for – I do not know about that, but I do know that she got it in the looks department! From her suave body language to her unique facial expressions, Yvonne Strahovski is an actress who dazzles! And, she plays her role in Chuck very well – that is, if you even pay attention to the role!

10. Jessica Stroup, from “90210”

Jessica Stroup - from the tv show - 90210

Another hottie from this famous show, Jessica Stroup makes the screen glow with her sizzling personality and amazingly beauty. She is definitely not your run-of-the-mill tv actress – she is especially glamorous. She just has that star-like quality that causes her to rise head and shoulders over other women standing in the same room. From her perfectly formed eyes to her profound cheekbones, to her attractively sculpted body – this hottie has definitely earned her place in our top ten by being born beautiful.

9. Olivia Wilde, from “House MD”

Olivia Wilde from the tv show House Md

When taking note of the hot women on TV today, you cannot forget Olivia Wilde. She has a natural star-quality to her, and a presence that just emanates sexiness. There is no doubt as to the fact that she is one of the top ten hottest women playing on popular TV to date, and she displays it with incredible finesse in the TV show “House MD”. In this show, she not only plays a thorough and interesting character, but she does it with a kind of casual beauty that is hard to find among actresses in these types of shows.

8. Jessica Lowndes, from “90210”

Jessica Lowndes - from the tv show - 90210

Jessica is said to be, perhaps, the most talented actress on “90210”. However, she is also considered to be three times as talented as most of her peers – being not only a fabulous and beautiful actor, but also a singer and a writer at the same time. Jessica Lowndes is unique in the way that she can be so diverse. At one minute, she can be a very dark, sensual type of beautiful and the next, a light-hearted hottie. This girl has it going on in every department, no doubt.

7. Sofia Vergara, from “Modern Family”

Sofia Vergara - from the tv show - Modern Family

Modern family is a very funny, very popular TV show that has recently made headlines for it’s originality and quick wit. However, a lot of this needs to be attributed to the very beautiful, very sexy, and very talented Sofia Vergara. She plays a mother and wife in one of the main families in the series, but nobody will deny that they enjoy watching her for her looks! Even if the dialogue is weak at times, this show is worth watching as long as Sofia Vergara is sporting a trendy blouse and tight jeans – wow, do I love popular TV.

6. Erica Durance, from “Smallville”

Erica Durance - from the tv show - Smallville

If there is one thing that a good Superman show needs, it is a hot Lois Lane. This fiesty reporter from the comic book world has been portrayed by many women over time, but Erica Durance might be the hottest Lois to ever grace the screen. She has a sort of simple beauty that makes her lovable and sensual at the same time – a combination that is rare on TV nowadays. She has the ability to be glamorous, but also to be “girlfriend-like”, which is an asset that not many young women possess.

5. Kaley Cuoco, from “Big Bang Theory”

Kaley Cuoco - from the tv show - Big Bang Theory

As we enter the top five in our hottie countdown, proper credit must be given to Kaley Cuoco for her role in the hit series “Big Bang Theory”. Do we give her credit for being a talented actress? Well, yes, but that is only part of it – she deserves credit for being a hot AND talented actress! Cuoco sports a playful beauty that brings freshness to the screen, and seeing her is like breathing in a fresh breath of air! She is curvaceous, cute, and clever- hey, what more do you need to be a top five TV hottie?

4. Spencer Grammer, from “Greek”

Spencer Grammer - from the tv show - Greek

Spencer Grammer is an exceptionally beautiful girl that truly deserves to be in the top five hottie list. Unlike a lot of girls on TV, she has a down to earth beauty about her that seems true to life. For example, I think she is the kind of girl who looks just as hot when she first wakes up as she does in the evening- though I am afraid that watching her show is the closest I will ever come to testing this theory! She is a hottie of curvaceous proportions, and always brings life to the screen.

3. Evangeline Lilly, from “Lost”

Evangeline Lilly - from the tv show - Lost

As we enter the top three, it is time to make honorable mention of a woman who has fueled more TV viewer delight in the past season than maybe anyone else – Evangeline Lilly. Playing in the hit TV show “Lost”, she gives us a glimpse into a sort of beauty that not many actresses can boast. Hey, there is something extra special about a girl who walks around on the beach with wet hair, or in the jungle as she tries to survive. She definitely deserves to be in the top three TV show hotties.

2. Eva Longoria, From “Desperate Housewives”

Eva Longoria - from the tv show - Desperate Housewives

A lot of ladies like to watch this show for the drama but I am going to be completely honest, I watch it to catch a glimpse of Eva Longoria! This Hollywood hottie has a star-quality to her that no many other females can rival. She is one of the best loved characters on the show, and it is because she is as talented as she is beautiful. This woman has got it all where it counts, literally…

1. Sophia Bush, from “One Tree Hill”

Sophia Bush - From the tv show - One Tree Hill

You might think that, out of the myriads of beautiful women in the world, that it would be hard to choose the top TV hottie in a list like this. Well, it was actually very easy. Sophia Bush, gracing the popular show “One Tree Hill”, is a specimen magnificent to behold. Her raw, radiating beauty permeates the screen whenever she is on. This is the kind of girl who was born with it – from an adorable face, to a hot body, to a sexy demeanor, Sophia Bush is as hot and sexy as she is talented and beautiful and that is why she deserves the number one spot in our TV hotties countdown.
So what do you think? Are these actresses’ good looks all natural or did they have help from an army of plastic surgeons? We’re not sure. Not that we’re judging — sometimes a good plastic surgery guide can be the gateway to getting close to the great looks that these stunning women possess. Would you go under the knife? Sound off in the comments, because we’d love to know!

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