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How to Connect Your Nintendo Wii to the Internet Connection of Your Choice

Because of its motion-activated control system, the Wii by Nintendo has transformed the gaming world and taken it by storm. The fun of playing a Wii can even be increased by connecting it to the internet, allowing you to receive updates, download games, and web surf. However, not everyone possesses the technical skill needed to make an internet connection with a Wii. To do this, you must select from one of three connection options.
The Nintendo Wii’s Popularity
Quickly after the Nintendo Wii was made available to consumers everywhere, it sold more consoles that its Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 rivals. This is mainly attributed to its unique control system feature and superb marketing tactic of claiming the Wii to be a gaming console ideal for the entire family to enjoy. These facts have caused it to become popular among all age groups.
Connecting the Wii
The Wireless Router Option–Before beginning, the Wii needs to be plugged into the power supply of your choice and then turned on. Once that is done, bypass its warning screen by pushing the button “A,”  Use the remote for your Wii to select the “Wii” button and follow by pressing “A” once again.
Nintendo Wii
On the next screen, choose the box entitled “Wii Settings.” After you scroll over to the left, find the “Internet” button, press it, and then choose “Connection Settings.” Now, you have to find an open connection by locating “Connection 3: None,” then “Wireless Connection,” and finally, “Access Point Search.” One you locate the desired access point, click “OK” to save it and “OK” again to begin a connection test. After the testing phase is finished, you are ready to get online using your Nintendo Wii.
The Wii LAN Adapter Option–The first step entails plugging in the LAN adapter to the Wii’s USB port. Now, use an Ethernet cable to connect the adapter to your router or modem. After the Wii has been turned on, you will choose “Wii” located on the lower left of the screen, then “Wii Settings” followed by “Internet,” “Connection Status,” “Connection 3: None,” and lastly “Wired Connection.” Finish by running a connection test as outlined above in the wireless router option.
The PC Option–This is only a viable option if your PC has a high-speed connection to the internet. Put in the CD that was included with your Wii USB connector and choose “OK” to begin installing it. You will have the option of selecting the language of your choice; after you do, click “OK” again.
When you are prompted by the computer, put in the connector to your PC’s USB port. From the Windows task bar, find and select the Registration Tool. After turning on your Wii console, you can begin by selecting “Wii,” then “Wii Settings,” and finally “Internet.”
“Connection Status” should be your next choice followed by “Connection 3: None,” “Wireless Connection,” and “Wi-Fi USB Connector.” After this, choose “Next.”  Now, look at your PC and you will see your Nintendo Wii listed in the Registration Tool window where you will subsequently click on it and choose “Grant Connection Permission.”
You can now go back to the Wii and complete the setup process by clicking “Next.”  “OK” will begin the necessary connection test and once that is done, you will have successfully connect your Wii to your PC.

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