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Tiny Dog Scares Postmen

We have all heard stories about postmen not liking dogs and not delivering to houses because of them. However, in London a tiny Yorkshire terrier is so scary that the Royal Mail are refusing to make any deliveries to any residents in the street where the dog lives.
Since December 7th 2010 the street has had no deliveries and residents have to go 14 miles to pick up their post. They are obviously not at all happy about the situation. However, the Royal Mail say that the dog attacked a postman and therefore they felt that post could not be delivered safely.
The dogs owner, Kathleen Joyce told the local paper that the dog does bark at the postman but was so little that it could not possibly pose a threat. She said that the dog has been with her for ten years and there is no way she would get it re-homed because of this.
However, residents in the street are not at all happy about the situation. They reported that the dog was vicious and they had seen it attacking the postman.
The local council have even ordered the owners to get the dog re-homed because of the inconvenience that it has caused the residents. They could even lose their house as they rent it from the council and they could serve an eviction notice to force them to move away from the street if they insist on keeping their pet.
It is likely that the neighbours of the ‘Beast of Dorset Gardens’ named after the street concerned, will all be very happy for the dog to move away, whether it is with or without its family. They must be livid that an ankle high dog has meant they have to travel miles to collect their letters and parcels.

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