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Elton John Loves the Smell of Nappies!

Many people felt that perhaps Elton John was too old to take on the duty of fatherhood at the age of 63, but now that he has admitted that he enjoys the smell of his son, Zachary’s nappies, maybe people will be worried about his sanity as well!
Elton John and his partner David Furnish adopted baby Zachery Jackson Levon Furnish-John after being denied the rights to adopt a Ukraine child. They were not allowed to adopt the HIV-positive baby because John was too old and their civil marriage was not recognised by the relevant authorities. They are still watching the progress of that child and his brother, but dearly wanted a child that they could care for. The couple then approached a surrogate mother and were eventually given the son that they both so dearly wanted.
The surrogacy process was a complicated one and not everything about it has been revealed. It seems that the egg was not that of the surrogate mother and the owner of the sperm has been kept secret. This means that baby Zachery has two mothers as well as two fathers. However, the important thing here is not the complications as to how the birth came about, but the fact that it is obvious that the two men will make fantastic parents as their obvious love for their son demonstrates.
John, is apparently a very enthusiastic Dad and finds that dealing with the nappies is just part of the fun of being a father. He explained that fatherhood was the best thing that had happened to him, after meeting his partner David. He realises that the baby is a blank canvas and needs lots of care and attention which he enjoys giving to him. He feels that changing nappies is all part of the role of father that he has taken on. He does seem to be a little more worried about what might happen once the child grows up and starts running around. Not something unusual for new parents, who have to think about moving all of their precious things to stop a boisterous toddler breaking them. Imagine how hard that would be in a huge mansion….and what if you have several of them…! At least he is being realistic in the challenges that lie ahead. But at the moment the smitten Dad, is not too worried and happy to give his son all the nurturing and love that he demands.
Finding time for the baby could be difficult with Elton John currently promoting Gnomeo and Juliet, which he has provided the music for. But then most babies have to manage with at least one working parent, if not two and so nothing unusual would be going on here.
How this very privileged baby will turn out remains to be seen. With John’s money, he will never want for anything and with A-listed godparents and friends he will grow up in a lifestyle which most of us could only dream of. At least it is obvious that both his fathers love him and really for a child, having loving parents is all that matters.

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