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Rock music with a different perspective

It seems that not all rock music is what the world would make of it. On one hand it might seem like rock music and music with an edge is becoming more and more accepted in the world, but this is not always the case. There are a lot of sub-genres of rock and roll music that are basically labeled as taboo among the mainstream majority. Death metal, grind core, thrash metal, and music like them share one thing in common… a lot of people do not find interest in these places because the music is so radical and different. They also are associated with a lot of un-popular ideologies, and even some more violent ones that go well beyond the typical rebellious and rowdy spirit that rock music has come to be known for.
But if you think that this is the only radically different rock music out there, think again. There is yet another perspective that many people are coming to embrace, and this is one of Christian rock music. Yes, Christians do listen to rock music, and some of these Christian rock artists are becoming just as popular as some mainstream stars. Have you heard of bands like Skillet, Relient K, and Red? Well, these are all Christian rock bands who endorse completely different morals than do the typical mainstream acts. Instead of rocking infidelity, these bands encourage young people to abstain from sex until marriage. Instead of violence, these bands promote love. And instead of rebellion, these bands proclaim hope in the name of Jesus Christ.
But just because these bands bear the Christian name, don’t think that they are not hardcore. These bands might not curse in their music, but some are anything if not super-intense. Screamo bands like Underoath and even Metal bands like Demon Hunter all claim a common cause… to play music that is shrouded in light rather than in darkness.

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