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Fun facts about men

Men are some funny creatures, which is why sometimes women have a hard time understanding them. But don’t worry… with these helpful facts, any woman can understand even the most complex behavioral quirks of men, because trust me… they most definitely exist!
1. Men like to barbecue… but what most women don’t understand is WHY? Men love to barbecue because there is an element of danger to it. This adds a subconscious level of excitement to the activity, making it more appealing to even the most peace loving and domesticated of guys.
2. Men have it easier when it comes to buying bathing suits because for them there are only two types… there are cool ones and nerdy ones. They do not feel fat all the time… they are just more worried about the style.
3. Men want to read the newspaper first in the morning because they want to be abreast on what is going on. If you know what is going on in the world before they do, they feel inadequate. So, don’t be offended when he snatches up the newspaper first thing… he is just trying to fulfill his role as a masculine being.
4. Men are sensitive in different ways. If a man tries to build a fire out in the woods and fails, he does not consider the fact that all of the wood is wet… and no, you cannot console him by offering to use the five gallons of gas in the back of the truck. He feels like a failure because his inability to start a fire, to him, says that he is not capable of being the “man in charge”. He feels as if he cannot be depended upon.
So, good luck getting to know your guy better.

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