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Robert Pattinson After New Film Role

‘The Daily Express’ has reported that Robert Pattinson is keen to play the role of the late Jeff Buckley in a Biopic.
Pattinson, first came to the public’s attention when he played the unfortunate Cedric Diggory in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. His character was killed by Lord Voldemort, but even in those days his good looks were well noticed as were his acting skills. However, his most famous role, in the Twilight movies, did not come easily for him. He was picked from a possible 3,000 applicants and so certainly got the role on merit.
Jeff Buckley, the late singer who drowned in 1997 aged just 30 years old had a fantastic voice. If Pattinson was to play him in a movie then it would be likely that we would hear him sing. Although Pattinson is musical, being able to play piano and guitar very well, not a lot is known about his singing voice. He did front a rap trio when he was 14 with two of his private school buddies but that is not quite the style required for the role.
Buckley is most famous for singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and his ‘Grace’ album was featured in the top 500 albums of All Time listed by Rolling Stone magazine. He was recognised by Bob Dylan as one of the greatest songwriters of his decade.
The singer drowned when in the Wolf Harbor River in Memphis. He was there recording new material when the tragic accident happened. No traces of drink or drugs were found in his system so it was just a tragic accident.
The film is being written under the strict guidance of Buckleys mother, Mary Guibert who was left in charge of his estate. Several attempts to make films about Buckley had been refused by her for different reasons. She didn’t want something that was too fictional but also not something that was too clsoe to reality and so she reluctantly decided to guide the writing herself so that she could get the final say. She is aware that it is not something he would have wanted but she state sthat she feel sit is the only way that she can stop a film being made which would show him in the wring light.
Pattinson’s interest in the film has been noted by the producer, Michelle Sy. Most people are aware that he has written songs as they were featured in some of the Twilight movies and this could certainly help his chances in getting the part. It has been reported that he would give anything for the part and his business team are very keen as they feel that it could make him an Oscar contender.
There are reports that there are four guys up for the part. These have been named as James Marsden, James Franco and Jared Leto. I guess we will just have to wait and see whether any of them get the role or whether the Twilight star will be able to land the part that he so desperately would like to get.

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