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New Movie for Justin Bieber

Sixteen year old pop sensation Justin Bieber has a movie coming out and it seems that it is not all that bad!
Most people were shocked when he released his memoirs, sixteen years is not normally considered to be long enough to have time to have achieved enough to write a whole book. However, like everything that he does, it was snatched up by many fans and became popular among them.
Then the film came out and many people expected it to not be that good. Lets face it, when celebrities make a film it is often not that good and the press always tend to hate it. However, it seems that some people actually like this one.
The film is called ‘Never Say Never’ and is available in 3D and well as 2D. Reports have said that it is an inspiring story and it is likely that Bieber fans will love it. However, whether anyone who is not a fan of his will actually want to go and see it is another matter. It is unlikely to attract peopl who have not heard of the boy or anyone that is not a fan. However, with the amount of records he sells, if just his fans go to see it, it could still potentially be quite a hit at the box office.
The movie poster, featuring Bieber in a leather jacket and black jeans is bound to draw some attention and the young girls who are already falling over themselves to own everything he has done are bound to drool over the poster and then go and see the films as many times as they can.
The film itself is a behind the scenes movie based on his concert at the Staples Centre in October. It aims to show what the real Bieber is like and even has some flashbacks from when he was even younger, to help viewers build up a picture of where he came from. The message from the movie is really that he is just a normal kid and that anyone else could do what he did if they want to.
Bieber is a Canadian singer who was discovered due to the popularity of his videos on YouTube. The boy taught himself to play piano, guitar, trumpet and drums as he grew up and he came second in a talent contest, a performance that his mother filmed and put on YouTube for his family and friends to view. She continued to film him as he sang and many people came to know about him. He was accidentally discovered by a record producer as they clicked on his YouTube video by mistake. He flew with his mother, when he was just thirteen years of age to record demo tapes and he was very soon signed up and moved to Atlanta. His first singleĀ  was popular worldwide and was the start of his career. He has now released an album and done two tours, one of which was a world tour. He has also been in a number of films and received several awards.

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