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Itunes Chart Topped by Teen Game

A fourteen year old boy has designed a game for iTunes which has topped the free app charts. This is an amazing feat as it beat Facebook and Skype as well as many other free apps and games.
Robert Nay was just 14 years old when he created a physics puzzle game called Bubble Ball for Apple devices and it took him just a month to write. To win the game you have to get a bubble in to a goal. The game tests your brainpower as you have options of using wood and metal pieces as well as power ups to help the ball get in to the goal. It takes skill and creativity to get it right. There are different skill levels and although the graphics look basic that is not really important. It is not complicated to play but as the levels get harder it does get difficult to work out how to get the bubble in to the goal. A friend’s Dad suggested that he make an app and so he learnt how to do it using a library book.
By the 19th January 2011 the app had been downloaded two million times according to the lad. This was even more than the popular free game called Angry Birds, which previously topped the free games app charts.
The boy reportedly said that he thought it was cool that it had done so well. He said that when he friends Dad suggested that he try to write an app, he borrowed a book from the library to teach him how. He said he was astonished when he found out that it was the top free app.
He said that he plans to make more games now but was not willing to reveal any details, saying that his next project was a secret.

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