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GPS Crashes Couple in to Church

We have all heard stories about GPS systems taking drivers in to rivers and down one way streets or even on to roads that no longer exist, but never in to a church before.
In Berlin, a British couple were driving and totally relying on their GPS system. Not being familiar with the road they had no other clues to the way to go. They were driving their Renault car in the evening and they were on a back road. Right on the Austrian border the computer then told then to turn right, but there was actually no road there at all. They followed the directions, relying on it to be correct and not noticing that they were driving off the road. They then ended up crashing in to a church.
The couple were elderly, the driver being 76 years of age and the other being a senior citizen as well. They were both injured and were taken to  hospital in Southern Germany after the accident. The village church was badly damaged as well. The vibration from the crash caused a picture to fall down from the wall and crash down hard on to the ground. The buildings foundations were damaged as well. The car was also a complete write off. It was estimated that this small mistake caused 25,000 Euros worth of damage.
The couple were travelling through Germany on their way to France and they were forced to spend the evening in hospital recovering from their injuries. Luckily they were only minor injuries.
A police spokesman, from the nearby town of Immenstadt, explained that the couple were confused and their navigation system was faulty but they did not realise it. This meant that they hit the church without noticing that they were heading in completely the wrong direction.

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