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How to tie a Neckerchief

A neckerchief is not something that many people wear these days. This means that there are not many people who know how to tie one and so if you are in the position where you do need to tie one then you may not know who to ask for help.
Firstly take the handkerchief and lay it out on a flat surface. Smooth it out and then fold it in half to make a triangle. Then roll the point down towards the long side and tie the roll in the middle using some thread.

The handkerchief is now ready to position around the neck. Cross the ends and then bring one of the ends behind the other. Bring it up and to the front by crossing it over the opposite end. Make sure that both of the ends are even and then cross them again to form an ‘x’. Hold an opening with one finger and put one end through this loop.
To make a neat square knot, tighten the knot with care, pulling out the ends and moving the knot until the lengths are even.
Some people do not bother to secure the neckerchief with thread, it depends on what you prefer. Some people like to have the knot at the front, others to one side or the back, it just depends on how you feel comfortable.
It can be quite a difficult thing to master and it may help to do it in front of mirror but that may confuse things more. Keep practising and it should soon become easy and you will be able to do it without much bother after a few times of doing it correctly straight away.
It is worth remembering that unless you are in the Navy, there is no right way to tie the neckerchief so you can always experiment with different styles and see what you like the best.

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