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Would you believe?

This world is full of crazy things. Crazy facts, crazy statistics, people doing crazy stuff… and while some of it is bizarre, amazing, or just plain weird… there is some, actually most of which, is quite hilarious! So sit back, kick your feet up, and get ready to hear some of the craziest stuff that you have ever heard!
Would you believe that it is illegal for a blind person to drive in New York?
Would you believe that the United States, at one time, issued a 5 cent bill?
Would you  believe that the shortest war in history was fought between Zanzibar and England? Zanzibar surrendered only 38 minutes after going to war!
Would you believe that the Time Magazine “man of the year” in the year 1938 was none other than Adolf Hitler?
Would you believe that a butterfly has about 12,000 eyes?
Did you know that there is enough fat in the average human body to make seven whole bars of soap?
Did you ever realize that Mark Twain, one of the great Authors of American literature, never made it through elementary school?
There was once a man who was arrested for robbery… what did he rob? Vending machines! The man did, however, manage to post bail… and it was all in quarters!
Would you believe that George Washington grew Marijuana in his garden?
It is said, on average, that 12 newborn babies will be “mixed up” by accident, and given to the wrong parents almost daily.
Would you believe that it is illegal to sing in a public place in Florida while dressed in a swimming suit?
Did you know that 6% of people propose over the telephone?
Did you know that Napoleon, the great military leader, was afraid of cats?
Did you know that Antarctica has an area code? Yes, it does, and it is 672.

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