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The Luckiest Turkey In The World

Who said that being ugly is a curse? A turkey called Wilbur has been spared ending up on the dinner plate this Christmas because he was too ugly.

This luckiest turkey in the world is little underweight, has no tail feathers, a misshapen body and walks with a limp. This combination saved his life this Crhistmas.

His owner, Peter Hayford, said to The Sun:

“This was his first Christmas and it was meant to be his last. But no one chose him because of his appearance. Everyone said Wilbur looked too sad and bedraggled and the others were upbeat.”

Peter and his wife Jackie will now keep Wilbur as a pet. How lucky is he? 🙂

“Wilbur will become one of the family. He might be an ugly old thing, but we think he’s lovely,” said Peter.


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