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The Breast Enhancing Ringtone – A New Reason to Have Your Phone Ring Off the Hook

Ladies, if your man has been telling you that you talk on the phone too much, here’s a news story that you must print out and send to him: there’s a new ringtone that supposedly enhances your breast size. It’s not a joke either, though it’s definitely crazy — and funny to boot!
The ringtone comes from Hideto Tomabechi; whose claim to fame is that handled the deprogramming of cult members from the Aum Shinrikyo cult of Japan. Mr. Tomabechi has created a ringtone that he claims should make your breasts grow larger — without you having to do anything.
Let’s face it — there are a lot of solutions on the market to achieve this effect, from exercise to special pills that have to be taken night and day. However, if Tomabechi is right — he may have stuck virtual gold in a — pardon the pun — big way.
So, how can Tomabechi expand the effect of the breast enlarging ringtone? By telling more people about it. You might wonder how this ringtone actually works.
According to Tomabechi, he say that the ringtone is all about subliminal messaging, and that the tones of the sounds are designed to make the brain and body just move without you really thinking about it.
This is sure to be a hit among teenagers and young women that already have enough things to do in their day to day lives. Even older women that have already had children might be interested in getting their hands on this ringtone – after all, what woman doesn’t a little more of themselves to love?
The entrepreneurial Tomabechi hasn’t stopped there — he’s created a whole lineup of body-boosting ringtones, from tones that will make you hotter to single guys, all the way up to tones that will improve your memory. Now that’s quite an expansion!

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