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The Best Car Movies

As we all know, hot cars, hot girls, and high-speed action usually goes hand in hand in some of the best car movies of all time, but which ones are the absolute best? Well, there are a few to consider, but we have narrowed it down here to  some of the absolute best car movies of all time. Hopefully, this will give you some serious speed to catch up on, especially if you haven’t seen these yet.
The Fast and the Furious
This movie, starring movie-goer favorite Vin Diesel, is the story of some close friends  with a history of crime and cars. As the movie progresses, you learn a lot – including a few plots to do some illegal driving, which leads this movie to places that definitely exceed the speed limit. An all star cast, some very hot women, and some sweet driving really bring this movie to the top of the notch.
The Fast and the Furious
Gone in 60 seconds.
This movie, featuring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie, is about a man who steals cars – very fast cars. In this movie, you will notice some sweet driving, a lot of romance (hey, it is Angelina Jolie), and some great character development. You will love this one, and if you haven’t seen it yet, make it a priority today!
Gone in 60 seconds
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
This movie deviates a bit from the first and second Fast and Furious movies, but where it deviates in storyline, it accelerates on the highway! In this story, a young man is forced to move to Tokyo for his bad driving record (high speed street racing). But when he joins  a local gang of street racers who are trying to make their mark on the streets of Tokyo, he cannot help but to fall back into his old habits.
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

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