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T-Shirts, Beer & College Parties!

The trendiest way nowadays to have fun, is to get drunk at a wild party. College students all around the world love the word beer and feel like having one immediately when they see one. Here’s a small nursery rhyme I had heard somewhere:
Little boy blue come drink your beer,
Asleep in the meadow, after too much cheer.
Where is the little boy that looks after the beer?
Passed out under a haystack, hung over it would appear.
A new fashion  is catching up these days. The I-Wear-My-Bear T-shirts are on wild fire and are a great attraction for teenagers. Few of the famous Tee-Shirt manufacturers you’d find all over the United States, is the Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels and Miller Lite T-Shirts. Some of these T-Shirts have a slot on them, which can hold a cold pint of beer without making you feel cold.
A great invention for the lazy and beer enthusiasts. Which reminds me of Homer Simpson and his best quote ever, “Aw, there’s only one can of beer left and it’s Bart’s. Now son, you don’t want to drink beer. That’s for Daddies, and kids with fake IDs.”.
Hangovers, puking on your girl friend and making out with a total stranger when you’re drunk over beer.. Those are the perfect moments you’ll never get without a nice pint of beer.

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