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Some companys get in over their heads

Apparently, not everyone understands that enough is enough. There are several examples, and just in recent history alone, where ad campaigns have gone very sour for the company’s putting them on. Here are some of the more hilarious ones. So enjoy, and don’t make the same mistakes….
KFC thought that it would be brilliant to offer free chicken. In fact, Oprah announced it on her famous television show. And, it was a success alright… so much of a success that the streets in front of KFC stores were reduced to rioting grounds when KFC restaurants started running out of chicken!
Oh, but don’t think that chicken is the only culprit of bad ad campaigns. Apparently, McDonald’s has had some trouble of it’s own as well. Did anyone hear about the MP3 player problem? Well, if you were one of the ones to get a free MP3 player from McDonald’s (they handed out about 10,000 of them), then you doubtlessly remember what happened. They all came with ten free songs of course, but they also came with a complementary version of Trojan malware, which was capable of sending sensitive information out to other sources! Needless to say, this campaign ended in utter failure.
Oh, and how about Snapple’s attempt to set a Guinness world record for the largest Ice Pop? The pop was going to be made out of a new Snapple flavor, and everything was going just fine… until they unloaded the pop in the middle of June! It soon melted and caused a slushy mess in the streets that had cleanup crews grumbling… but the worst part was that the award could only be given to an ice pop that was free standing!

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