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Sex, Life, and Air? – The Wildest Championships Yet

Things are going to get pretty crazy in Brooklyn, NY. How crazy? Sex crazy. Yes, the little subject that no one seems to be able to mention without blushing or making glances at their special someone is getting some major attention.
How crazy can sex get? Well, when you combine wacky antics, the mechanics of air guitar, and a wild audience, you definitely have the recipe for something that can only be described as the Air Sex Championships. It’s being held in Brooklyn – as mentioned before – and it’s coming to one of New York City’s wackiest neighborhoods, Williamsburg. October 9th is the big day, and it’s definitely going to get crazy.
There’s only one rule: everything is simulated. After all, while sex is funny, actually having an orgasm on stage is a big no-no. What is allowed is the entire kitchen sink — or the entire bedroom closet, as it were. Instead of just being limited to making noises and rolling your eyes, you get to bring props, costumes, and even your own stage music. Not even strippers get to have this much fun.
The Air Sex World Championships are all about wowing not only the judges, but the entire crowd. You have to make sure that you really know what you’re doing — as crazy as the contest is, you’re going to be going head to head against people that are truly going to be bringing their A game — or in this case, their O game.
Points are going to be given based on how realistic you are, how funny you are, and how much the crowd loves what you’re doing. The host, Chris Trew said:
If you’re having sex with a goat, then I wanna see you stroking its horns. I want that goat to be turned on.

What could be crazier than the Air Sex World Championships? Moving up in the Air Sex World Championships — the winner from Williamsburg will be taking their crazy air-sex show to Austin, where at least they’ll be in good company when it comes to the weirdness factor. Austin is undoubtedly weird, which means the winner will truly have some stiff (ahem) competition.

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