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Review of Britney Spears Circus music video

This music video starts out with Britney in front of a mirror, putting on jewelry. Before you know it, you are watching a video based in a circus type setting, with Britney herself sort of dressed like a magician. Of course, there are other segments to the video… all the normal stuff you would expect, like Britney dancing with a bunch of shirtless dudes. There are also some interesting scenes that pop out of nowhere, like birds flying out of a hat and midget-like guys dancing in a circus ring.
One thing about this video that you don’t normally get to see is Britney sporting a top hat. This is cool, as are her various other outfits. One in particular is very sexy, and is featured in several segments. Her hair is done up in a very old fashioned way, like all curled, as if it is from the fifties. She is wearing a sparkling dress that is just see-through enough to reveal black underclothing (of course, what else would you expect?).
Overall, the video is cool, especially if you are a Britney fan. There is no doubt… she is getting sexier and sexier as she goes… and Britney’s die-hard fans will love this video simply for the novelty of it. Is it her best? Probably not. But hey, Britney has done a lot of videos… outdoing her best is a hard task for any performer, let alone herself.
But if you are looking to see Britney in a different environment, sporting some clothes that she has never worn before, and dancing around guys who are breathing fire with elephants doing tricks, than this is the vid for you. Well done Britney, you continue to enthrall us… one thing can be said about Britney… and that is that she definitely holds our attention.

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