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This Scottish actor/stuntman/martial artist might have a name that you do not place right away, but he has moves that you will recognize instantly in any movie that he has played in. There is no doubt that Raymond Park has made a name for himself in modern action movies, especially those where martial artist super warriors are needed! Here are some of his most memorable movies and roles ever and if you have not seen one of these films, you should definitely do so!

Raymond Park
Raymond Park

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom menace
In this movie, Raymond Park plays the role of  Sith Apprentice to the Emperor in a character named Darth Maul. His red face paint, horns, devilish appearance, and double bladed red light saber are unmistakable, and even if the movie was a bit weak in other areas, there is no doubt that Raymond park has delivered to us here one of the most memorable jedI foes of all time. Definitely a movie to see!
In the original X-men movie, Raymond Park played the part of Toad and did a very good job of it too! The small, muscular super villain was a part of Magneto’s team in the movie, and there are many times where you can tell that Raymond Park’s martial arts skills played a part during the making of this movie. And even if he did not play a particularly “polished” character in Toad, the performance he gave was!
G.I. Joe, Rise of Cobra
Raymond Park played the part of the famous character Snake Eyes in this movie, and delivers what might be his deepest and most visually impressive role yet. This movie is definitely amazing, and Raymond Park’s performance in this movie is equally incredible. If you love guns, martial arts, and futuristic super-warriors, then this is a movie for you.

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