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Policeman Commit Robbery

In the capital of Honduras it has been reported that a group of six policeman tried to rob a bank, before they were arrested by their police colleagues.
It sounds like a joke but sadly it is not, police really did have to restrain some of their own officers. The six men have all been arrested since the incident happened and will be strictly dealt with. The attempted robbery occurred in a bank in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, and the men were all armed. A passer-by noticed what was going on inside the bank and called the police to report the robbery, as it was taking place. The robbers had tied up the security guards and were taking the money when police arrived on the scene. When the police got there, a gun battle commenced between them and the robbers and one of the policemen was injured. The robbers were all eventually arrested and later the police explained to the public that these six men had all already been suspended from the police force. It had been recognised that they were not good men and so they had been made to stop working as police. He added that the police intend to deal with them severely with regards to this attempted robbery and make sure that they were properly punished for their crime.

The security minister of the country, Oscar Alvarez, commented on the incident, explaining that they were trying hard to reduce the corruption in the police force and that they would now be working even harder to try to get the situation resolved by working a lot more quickly. Sadly the country is having to deal with a lot of crime and having corrupt police officers is not helping the matter. The quicker that they can deal with this, the better.

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