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Police Grab Escaped Crocodile

A crocodile was finally caught by police in Germany, two hours after it escaped from its cage at a visiting circus.

The baby crocodile was 3 foot long and did not like being chased and so kept running away, not wanting to be caught and therefore made the police work very hard, to eventually capture it. The police were after the baby reptile after having had a report of a sighting in the high street of the town of Gross-Rohrheim. They thought that the report was a practical joke to start with, as crocodiles do not normally roam the streets of Germany, especially as it was two in the morning, when they often get prank calls but they followed it up and found it to be true. It eventually took them two hours to capture him as he roamed the streets and they pursued him as closely as they could. The chase frightened him and he kept looking for places to hide. They taped up its jaws with gaffa tape once they caught it, as crocodiles jaws are very powerful even when they are just babies and then were able to return him to the circus, where he belonged. He was found sitting on the bonnet of a car, enjoying the warmth of the car, just above the engine bay.
The police had no specific training in catching crocodiles so it was a good job that they were brave and not worried about being bitten by the razor sharp teeth. Even a small baby crocodile can give a mighty bite. A full grown crocodile would be twice the length of a man and so it was lucky that he was only a baby, or else he would have needed experts to catch it rather than members of the police force.

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