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Phone Rings in crocodiles Tummy

In the Ukraine a lady reported that her phone had been swallowed by a crocodile but no one believed her until they heard it ringing – from inside him.
The incident happened in Dnipropetrovsk and the 14 year old crocodile has not been well since. It has not eaten anything or had a bowel movement in the four weeks since the incident happened and he appears in pain and depressed.
The accident happened when Rimma Goloko was trying to take a picture of the crocodile on her mobile phone. She stretched her hand out over the tank and accidentally dropped the phone inside. She was hoping for a great close up shot but the crocodile ended up eating the phone. When she reported it to the staff at the zoo, the staff did not believe her until they heard the phone ringing.
The staff at the zoo have been trying to cheer up the crocodile and get him to eat. He is hardly swimming and not playing with his fellow African crocodiles. They have tried feeding him live quail rather than the pork and beef that he is normally fed. They had put laxatives and vitamins in the quail, hoping it really might help to brighten up the sick animal. However, despite killing in of the quail the crocodile refused to eat it.
Staff are hoping that he perks up soon and will be giving him an x-ray next week if he still refuses to eat. They are not keen on the idea of surgically removing the phone because an operation could not only be dangerous to the crocodile but also to the staff and the wound would take a long time to heal.
The owner of the phone was hoping to get the phone back so she could retrieve her sim card, but she isn’t too hopeful.

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