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Mayor loses trousers

The Lord Mayor of Leicester lost his trousers, in a very unfortunate incident, when he was visiting a local library recently.
Colin Hall, who has been the Lord Mayor of Leicester since being elected on the 27th May 2010, was obliged to apologise after the event which occurred when he was on the visit to Southfields library and his trousers became loose and fell down. The forty six year old, whose Mother was the mayoress of the area from 1999-2000 and whose father also served on the city council, was visiting the library summer showcase which had been organised locally by Global Education Leicester and Shire Organisation, when the very unfortunate incident took place. The event was organised to bring together teachers and educational facilities to help widen the understanding of global perspectives.
A spokes man for the city council apologised on behalf of the new mayor explaining that he was unaware that his trousers were loose until they fell down when he stood up to make the vote of thanks. He was not wearing a belt and so they were unable to stay up and provide the coverage he needed. The Lord mayor, who is using his first year of office to promote health and well being in the county and using Rosemary Conley to help him to lose weight, was worried that this incident may have caused offence to some of the people attendingĀ  the summer showcase, which included pupils from three local schools and wanted to assure them that he was very sorry and it certainly not something that he wanted to do again.
It was obviously not something that he wanted to happen and he was very humiliated by the unfortunate accident at the library. The spokesman passed on his deepest apologies to anyone who was offended by the incident.

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