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Las vegas Casino Fined Over Dancing Gambler

Caesars Palace casino, in Las Vegas, has been fined $250,000 for allowing a gambler to dance on a table. It is reported that the gambler, who was not named, danced on a card table while making bets. He climbed on to his chair, and then the table and danced up there and walked about, repeating this several times and eventually sitting back down, while he was in the process of playing a baccarat game.
The reason that this is such a problem is that the casino, which is probably one of the most famous Las Vegas casinos, should have protected the patron by stopping him from behaving in such a manner. There are regulations which the casino need to abide by, one of which states that patrons should be protected and therefore the man should never have been allowed to continue behaving in such a way. He could potentially have fallen off the table or broken it and injured himself and/or others and therefore the behaviour was not considered acceptable by the regulators. The state gaming control board reported that the security guards employeed by the casino should have stepped in and prevented the man from doing this. The fact that they did not recognise the risk or chose to ignore it is the behaviour that is being punished. The casino has therefore settled with the Nevada Regulators this large sum of money due to their neglect of the man and the other people in the vicinity of him.
It was not really the fact that the man was dancing but that he was actually on the table that was such a problem. Whatever he was doing on there it was a health and safety problem and should have been dealt with quickly rather than being ignored. It is very easy for staff in casinos to call security guards to assist them with things of this nature and it should not have been a difficult situation to control.

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