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Jeff Goldblum dates Young Model

Since being spotted kissing the model Lydia Hearst-Shaw, rumours have been flying around that Jeff Goldblum, has now started dating her. With his recent history of dating younger women, then this is probably not surprising news.
The model and actress, that he has been linked with, is the daughter of Patricia Hearst and she is twenty six years old, making her thirty two years younger than the fifty eight year old actor. The young lady was named model of the year in 2008 at the Michael Awards and was given a Best International Supermodel award in 2008 in Madrid. The socialite has no need to work really though as she is the eldest in the family and so stands to inherit her Great grandfather, William Randolph Hearst’s publishing fortunes. She was first discovered by the fashion photographer Steven Meisel and her very first modelling job was a cover for Italian ‘Vogue’ magazine. Lydia has also appeared in a television program, an independent film and a music video. She was also a magazine columnist for ‘Page Six’, which is the Sunday supplement for the ‘New York Post’.

Jeff has been spotted with many women lately, leading to conclusions that he has been dating a lot. In 2009 he was linked with an even younger actor, ‘Lost’ star Tania Raymonde who was only twenty one at the time. He has also got two marriages behind him, one of six years with Patricia Gaul and then a later three year marriage to Geena Davies, which ended in 1990.  While dating Tania, he said that he wanted to marry her and that they were completely smitten with each other, but no engagement was ever officially announced. He has also always kept close to his second wife, always full of praise for her as a person and for her career as an actress. Whether this relationship will be as happy or last as long will remain to be seen.
Goldblum has not been in the news much lately, as his career has been quite quiet, compared to what it has been in the past. However he had had a few appearances in films last year, namely the romantic comedies ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘The Switch’. Goldblum was probably first noticed when he starred in the film ‘The Fly’ and then his career success continued in the ‘Jurassic Park’ films. He also had a role in the popular ‘Independence Day’ and more recently took over the role of Zach Nicols in the television series ‘Law and Order : Criminal Intent, a role which was previously played by Chris Noth.
Jeff seems to be one of a number of older male actors who seem to feel the need to date younger women. Perhaps all men would do it, if they were in the position to do so or perhaps it is just a way of keeping in the public eye, who knows. Would we be interested if he was dating an unkown who was around his age? Probably not!

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