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Is Kate Moss Getting Married?

The British newspapers are all full of the story today. It seems like Kate Moss has got engaged to Jamie Hince as she has been photographed wearing a ring which looks very much like it could be an engagement ring.
The supermodel is reported to have accepted her boyfriends proposal of marriage on Tuesday but nothing has been formally said yet, but the rumours have not been denied either.
Kate Moss was discovered as a model at the age of just 14 years of age. She was photographed for a magazine shoot at 16 and that is where her career took off. She was seen as an anti-supermodel because she was not curvy, unlike all the top supermodels of the time, which led to accusations of her being anorexic, which she denied. She has had a lot of style awards, worked on many advertising campaigns and catwalk shows. Her career was effected by a drugs scandal, when she was photographed snorting what looked like coke. She was dropped by some companies, but others kept her on and after having successful treatment, she went on to become even more successful than she was before.

In January there were reports that Jamie Hince had made a secret proposal while they were in the Caribbean and before that there were even rumours that the couple had got married. Therefore, it is hard to know what to believe but it is fun speculating especially considering how lovely the ring is. The couple were spotted leaving jewellers S.J. Phillips in Mayfair, London before going to Ceccone. The ring, is vintage and on her engagement finger but it looks remarkably similar to one that she wore to an Etam catwalk show in January. She also was wearing it on her ring finger during that show too. Rumours of marriage and engagement in that past have been denied so it will be interesting to see how this one develops.
Jamie Hince is the guitarist in the rock band,’The Kills’. They have released three albums which have been very much praised by the media. The groups fourth album is due to be released early April this year and is called ‘Blood Pressures’. Some of their previous tracks have been used for advertisements and soundtracks.
The couple were introduced by Sadie Frost and have since been together for the last three years. ‘The Sun’ newspaper has reported that they are planning their wedding for the 2nd July, but it would seem odd that they would come public with a wedding date but not with an engagement announcement. There are also reports that her eight-year-old daughter is going to be bridesmaid.
Kate Moss has had several high profile relationships with Pete Doherty and Johnny Depp and Jefferson Hack is the Father of her daughter. She is often been photographed with Jamie Hince and the couple have not kept their relationship a secret so it is hard to understand why they would keep an engagement a secret. Only time will tell.

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