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How to make yourself Sick

There are many ways to make yourself sick. Some are a natural reaction to a situation or toxin and others are rather different. It is not healthy to make yourself sick unless you think you have swallowed something harmful and it is not recommended but if you do want to know what will make you sick, then read on.
Getting drunk is something which can cause sickness. Either when you are drinking if you have had too much or maybe the morning after as part of the hangover. It is not a very quick way to induce sickness and the toxins from the amount of alcohol you will have to drink may do you more harm than whatever it is you are trying to get rid of from the body by being sick.

Sometime stress and anxiety can make people sick. If you are the type of person that gets sick through nerves then you can spend some time thinking about a  situation which would make you feel anxious and that might make you sick. However, do not do this too often as it may make you feel very emotional, possible confused as well.
Sticking your finger down your throat can make you vomit but it is a good idea to make sure that you have a full stomach (preferably liquids) as you may just retch which can be very painful. It is probably safer than trying something like eating waste food, soap or things like that because you are at least not risking leaving anything toxic inside your body.
Think hard before you make yourself sick. It is extremely unhealthy in most cases and could lead to a very bad habit. The acid can damage your throat and if you are sick a lot you will not be getting all of the nutrients you need from your food and it will make you ill. You may not see the bad results immediately but after a long time you may find that you experience all sorts of problems.

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