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How to make Paper Guns

It may be thought that being able to make a paper gun which actually shoots would be pretty impossible, but it can be quite simple if you follow the instructions carefully. It is nice to have a printer and printer paper so that you can colour the paper to make it more interesting but you can make it with plain paper too. You will also need something to cut the paper and tweezers as well as paper glue. You will also need a template and these can be found on various websites. You could also draw something out yourself if you are artistic or have a specific design in mind.

The next step is to print out the template or draw it and then cut it out. If you want a coloured gun then you can print it on to coloured printer paper of print it out in colour. You can always paint it afterwards if you prefer. If you are drawing it out then again think about the colour, whether you want to use coloured paper or paint it afterwards. If you have chosen a good template it will have flaps to put the glue on which are easy to see. If you are drawing it yourself then you will need to allow for these. It is important to make sure each flap is stuck securely so here you can use the tweezers to hold the glued part together until it starts to bond. You may prefer to do this with your fingers but you could end up getting quite sticky and also may find some of the smaller pieces more difficult to handle.
It can take a lot of patience to make sure that it is all bonded before going on to the next bit. However, if you do not wait, you may find that they start to unstick and you will end up with a big soggy mess. Make sure that you leave it to dry thoroughly before handling too much.

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