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How to Make Origami

How to make origamiArt is a form of expression which transcends race, religion, or state of mind. Like any art basics, origami can be learned and even unlearned in the process. The gray line that separates art from skill is raw talent and lust for creation. It is either you have it or you do not. No exceptions.
Origami has been known to originate from Japan. Japanese people are very crafty and talented artists, evident of being one of the tigers in the technological industry. One who has the power to create also has the inclination to destroy. Art then is an attitude and a way of life. The term “Oru” means “to fold” and “Kami” means paper, so goes the name Origami.

Art or Skill?

How to make origamiOrigami is said to be the art of paper folding. It is definitely more than the folding and twisting of papers. Origami is a visual representation or insignia of an actual thought or image. These are, therefore, creations from life and about life.
This is a typical hobby for some enthusiasts as well as a passion to artists who see origami as an expression of what life is to man’s perspective. Entrepreneurs have found a niche for this market with Origami. This art pieces can be used as interior decorations as well as giveaways for special occasions. Likewise, this can also be used as special boxes and trendy wrappings.
OrigamiTo make your very own origami, you just need a beautiful paper with the color and texture of your choice. You can get a variety of choices from stationary shops. You can work on simple pieces at first and then progress to more complicated designs whenever you are ready.
Fold pieces together and follow the diagram of your choice. You can accessorize it by putting other designs or trimmings on it. It is really up to you. By far, your own concept and design should reflect your creation. When you are done, you can put it on display or you could box it for giveaway.

The Artist in View

OrigamiIn comparison to works of art in painting, this is a kind of an abstract type of art because whatever the outcome is depends on the artist. What you perceive in your creation is yours alone. You should own it yet share the art to others as well. They may see it differently yet that is what art is for anyway, to reflect the creator in its simplicity or even in its utmost complexity.

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