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How to make layouts

How to make layouts for sites like Myspace is a  question that many of  us ask, but few of us actually try to find the answer to. Truth be told, it is very easy to do. You don’t need to be a computer wiz, you don’t need to know how to encode or write in HTML, and there are so many online resources to get you started that you will probably wonder why you have never tried it before!
First off, when making your own layout is possible if you use your own photos, or you might find it easier to take bits and pieces from ready made free layouts that you find on the web. This way, you can have all kinds of options as to what graphics you will use.
Customizing your layout is usually just a matter of pasting code. Once you have the code, which is easily obtainable and will be displayed right next to most profile graphics, you simply paste it into the appropriate boxes under the edit profile tab. You will need to make sure you paste it into the applicable box, or I think you will probably find your profile looking a little funny! If that happens, than you might need to remove the code and try again.
The thing to remember about designing your own profile is that there are so many free resources out there! Part of the process is just tracking them down. Of course, if you will be using your own photos or graphics, than it is simply a matter of putting them into a photo application and making the graphic or section you need.  Just remember to have fun, be patient, and remember that just like anything, with making layouts practice makes perfect!

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