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How to make ice cream

How to make ice cream is a question that I am sure anyone would ask. After all, everyone likes ice cream, right? So, isn’t there a way to have great tasting ice cream without running to the grocery store or ice cream shop?
Well, actually, there is. If you can get your hands on a half cup of milk, one tablespoon of sugar, one quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla extract or chocolate syrup, lots of ice, some rock salt, and some plastic bags, than you can actually make yourself a serving of homemade ice cream! Is it hard? Well, not really. Actually, anyone can do it!
First, mix the sugar, milk, and flavoring in a bowl. You will then seal the ingredients in a quart-sized plastic bag. Then, you will need to take around two quarts of ice, and crush it. If your freezer makes crushed ice than this will be easy for you. Other ways to crush ice are with a blender, or you could even do it with a rolling pin, but be careful not to hit your fingers! Mix the ice and the salt in a one gallon bag together. They should fill up about half the bag.
Next, you will place the well sealed bag of ingredients into the bag of salt and ice. Do not allow the ingredients to mix with the salt and ice, simply use the salt and ice to make the bag of ingredients cold, thereby turning them into ice cream! Gently knead and mix the bag of ingredients until this happens. It should take about fifteen minutes.
Than…Presto! Open the smaller bag of ingredients and enjoy your ice cream! So, that is how to make ice cream. Not very hard, and anyone can do it with even simple ingredients kept around the house!

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