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How to Make Hash

HashMarijuana, also known as “cannabis sativa,” is a plant used even in ancient times. This plant has been used for recreational, religious/spiritual, or medicinal/therapeutic purposes. Marijuana is a psychoactive plant or a stimulant used for the clinically depressed or for people who are in pain.
The hash or the resinous form consists of glandular trichomes when microscopically viewed look like mushrooms. In the ancient times, marijuana is traditionally accepted because of its benefits, but because of the tendency to be addicted to this drug, it is now illegal in most parts of the world.

What is a Hash?

morocco hashHave you ever seen a hash? Or tasted one maybe? Hash (also known as Hashish) is a potent from of cannabis sativa produced by collecting and processing the most potent part of the marijuana plant and that’s the resinous part of the cannabis. After collecting this potent material from the plant, it is pressed into a solid mass called the hash.

Process of How to Make a Hash

Before we arrive at the finished product, the marijuana plant must undergo different processes in order to become a hash. The first thing you need to do is to collect the leaves of the marijuana plant. The trichomes, found in the leaves, are the ones which gives the frosty appearance of the marijuana.
hashishGetting the skuff is one form of extracting your trichomes. Make sure that it is not grinded or crushed because it will only damage the trichomes. Trichomes should always be dry and should never be crumbly. After getting the skuff, a flat screen is needed to remove the trichomes from the skuff. This will simplify the quality of your hash.
The end product of the screening process will be the purest and most potent. You can use the flat screen used in printing presses. After extracting the powder from the skuff, place it in a container, put it in a fridge, and allow it to settle. To increase the purity and potency of your hash, you can mix it with water.
hashish 1Allow it again to settle inside the fridge. Pour your finished mix through a coffee filter. This will just drain the water and retain the trichomes. Let it dry and ready for pressing to become a hash. Pressing is the last stage of making your hash. You can either use your hands in molding the powder into small balls or use a cake pan and mold them as bars.
Make sure that the power is dry. After molding it, you can put it in a bag and place layers of wet newspaper. Place it in a frying pan like you are frying eggs for 30-45 minutes. Make sure not to melt the paper.
Unwrap the newspaper and allow to cool in the freezer, then unwrap the plastic, and you will have your very own hash.

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